I've finished my novel now what


When I wrote my first novel.  It took me seven years.  Seven years of toil, mistakes, lessons learned both good and bad.  It took me quite some time to develop an understanding of the publishing business, and how to position myself to accomplish my publishing goals.

Now after writing two novels and curating hundreds of links, and using my experience I have finally completed a book that I think helps starting indie authors.  Using the lessons learned and summarizing those lessons into eight publishing pillars.  I want to give free copies of this new resource to any author who desires it.

Essentially I want to get your feedback before the book is released to the public.  If you would like to get a copy for free. Contact me and I want to give you an electronic copy.  All I’m looking for is some pre-release feedback to see if I need to add some more into what’s already a packed book full or strategies and tips to reach your publishing goals.


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