True Identity_T_NV

As I get older I find that one of the most compelling drives is the drive for significance. This drive is evident as a child when as children we vie for the attention and approval of our parents and adults. It is easily seen in the adolescent need for peer approval. We strive to set ourselves apart in some way. All to satisfy this innate drive to be and or achieve significance.

Well I want to encourage someone on this Monday that you are significant right where you. Right as you are. No additional self improvement needed. No need to gain some award, or achieve some level of approval of someone.

You are important right now. The reality is that God so loves you that he made provision through his son Jesus to not only have a relationship with you. But for you to discover who he really is.

One of the greatest sins is attributing to something else what rightfully should be attributed to Him. Just like there is only two types of water, salt and fresh. Likewise there is only one who can truly satisfy our need for importance in life. In the same way that if you drink salt water you will eventually die. Likewise we look for satisfaction in so many other things. Things that look like they will satisfy, and things that might actually be in more abundance, but will kill us.

I want to encourage you to drink from a fresh water source in your life and consider Christ, the well of living water. You are important. Let God show you how much!

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