So I received a call from Tennessee (Lightning Source’s headquarters) and the faxed documents that I sent in (see earlier post) were all set except for one.  My W-9.  Apparently it was not legible enough for them to read it.  So they asked if I could resend it again.  Well instead of faxing it.  I scanned it, and sent it via email.

Well boys and girls, that did that trick and effective yesterday Aug 22nd, 2013.  My account is live and I’m ready to go!  Soon my book will be available at retail, and even at libraries.  The vision is slowly coming to pass, and I’m excited.

As some of you know my book is currently available for pre-order at Amazon. and I am excited to have approved my first pre-order! I have not done a big promotional push yet, but it’s amazing that the word is slowly getting out that an order (from somewhere in Indiana) was placed.  It’s definitely an exciting feeling.

In other updates, my editor is almost done, and soon I’ll have the edited manuscript in hand and can begin to upload the files so the printer can send me a proof to approve.  I’m hoping to have that all done by the end of the first week in September, well see.  I’m shooting for a Sept 24 publication date.

Here’s a copy of the Limited edition cover I am thinking of doing.


Some of the comments from my editor on the story who is reading it for the first time…

“I must confess that I became so engrossed in your story that I stopped editing so I could read it. I love it! You are an excellent writer.”

“It so gooooood! You have given depth, although fiction, to biblical events and words. I love it. It is one of those stories that the reader hates to put down! It also keeps me wanting to read more. I hope you are making plans to market this story.”

In any event, it’s nice to receive such praise.  I think its time to make another trailer.  Wink.


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