I love games.  Before the advent of video game systems I used to play chess and backgammon and card games with friends growing up.  My love for games has not waned over the years and I enjoy what I consider this golden age of video games.

There is one game in particular that I have a love hate relationship with and I wonder if other players out there agree with me.  It’s Destiny.

Destiny is best described as first person shooter role playing game.  Where you have the opportunity to join with various other online players to fight monsters in sis person raids and smaller 3 person strikes and after the enemies defeat earn some exceptional prizes.  What I’ve come to realize is that Destiny also rewards group play and the ability to network.  Destiny reward your social ability to connect with people and cooperatively take down these bosses.  Now I must admit that I am not the best at this I think primarily due to my need to jump in and out of the game, and what makes the game frustrating for me, as it’s such a tease.

I don’t have a lot of time to play video games.  I work fulltime, have several jobs, and of course for every hour I’m not writing or marketing my books. I’m not creating or helping my publishing business grow.  Most of the friends I play destiny with are in similar positions, they work, or are married with children and lack the time to make friends to schedule raiding parties or take down these great bosses due to the exceptional time sink.

This means I play a lot of Destiny’s single player story mode, and less multiplayer which the game shines at.  It’s telling to me one of the biggest complaints is the lack of a coherent story in the game.  (This is in total contract to Halo, which has a much more enjoyable and I would argue longer and more developed solo experience.)

Destiny already has a strike system that matches players to enable them to play with one another,  But the rewards are no where like what one can receive if a player raids with a six man team.  I would propose Destiny use a “looking for group feature” in game to assist those looking to raid, and connect.  That it develop a clan feature in game that also encourages others to connect. This has worked well for the mother of RPG’s World of Warcraft, and enables people to I would surmise allow people to further enjoy their content across servers.

What games do you play that frustrate you?  Feel free to chime in.

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