As some of you know.  I sometimes struggle with the blogging process.  Part of it is simply determining what to write about.  Part of it is the simple discipline of doing it, and a part of it, is really looking at what I want out of this website?

So after going back and forth, and doing some soul searching. I’ve determined I needed to do a survey to really get a better idea of who is actually following me, and more importantly what might you want from this website and my blog.  What’s the reason you come to my website?  Is it primarily because of my books?  I don’t know so I need to ask.

As a result I’ve put together a brief 10 question survey to help capture some data, about whom I’m writing to.  If you would help me out by completing the survey it will go a long way to helping me establish the direction I need to go.

I want to give you a good value proposition so expect changes in about a month or so.  Everything from the look to content.  In the meantime, you can find the survey here.

Thanks so much for helping me!





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