The verdict

I want to thank everyone for the wonderful reception you have given to Realm of the Dead.  It seems the consensus is that this is the best book in the series.  Thanks so much for taking this journey with me! You all have spurred me to do better with each book.  (I’m still working on the editing.  You should see a kindle update on your version in a week or so.)

So here what is going on.  Last month I asked everyone to take a survey and you guys were wonderful with your responses.  The results basically came down 60/40 for me to do an authors narration.  So after some prayer and thoughtful consideration. I’ve decided the plan will be to do a LIMITED RELEASE AUTHOR’S EDITION.  Then after a select period of time it will disappear and I will do the regular version using the normal narrator.  All in an attempt to provide my supporters with the best I options I have to give them the content I produce.  This will allow me to satisfy both readers and help me generate some revenue to help get the regular version produced.

Here are some details on how things will work. The limited release will only be available for download from my website. (Not Audible) And it will include exclusive and extra features that will not be in the regular narrated version.  For example, in this limited release version I will be talking about book 4!, and authors commentary about the why the story went the way it did.  I’m also going to try to give each person that orders a snap shot of the what got left on the “cutting room floor”.

In a couple of months I will work with the narrator to produce the Audible version, and the limited edition will be discontinued for sale.

I expect to have the Author’s version available for download by the end of September!  So stay tuned!
Secondly, I wanted to give my supporters  an option to help me keep this type of fiction coming.  So I started a Patreon page.  If you would like to support me beyond buying my books, and see continued projects move forward I can always use the help!  While I do not at the moment make a living off of my writing.  I am believing God will allow that to happen.  And release me from secular pursuits so I can bring more content like this series to people.  Soon you will see on my webpage the option to support me on Patreon.

Lastly, I am off my writing sabbatical.  I typically write during the school year until the next book is done then I try to take a sabbatical from writing during the summer.  Well today is the day when book four in the series begins and I’ve been storing thoughts and playing around with the story all summer.  Now I get the chance to finally begin.  I ask for your prayers, that God would be in every step of the books development process.  From start to finish.  While I don’t have a hard date on its release at the moment.  I do expect to hopefully have it done in late spring/early summer if the Lord wills.

I’ve a lot personally going on, I’m getting married next year, my mother has had health issues, and I’ll have to make some career decisions before June of next year so again I ask for your prayers, as I walk this journey and that God will give wisdom, and open doors. God is good, and his mercy endures forever!

I’ll check in with you soon!


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