God bless you!  Let’s start off the new month with the draft of the prologue of the 3rd book in the Third Heaven series shall we!

Remember this is a draft and might change in the final version.

But for those that have enjoyed the series, this is just for you!

The Distant Future

Michael ruminated on the loss of Raphael then muttered to himself in remembrance of the words of El, “I AM the resurrection and the life.” He lifted his head to look upon his grinning brother, a brother who sweltered amidst the blistering flames, and gritted through teeth straining to prevent release of his own screams, straining to speak against the anguished outcries of those around him echoing throughout the air. Micheal smiled and rose to his feet, his royal white and gilded robes gleamed in brilliance. His halo flared as it reflected off the sunlight, as he spoke with authority to Satan.
“Do you think me so small that you could tempt me to raise arms on thy behalf?” You are eclipsed in the sins of thy past, overrun in the pit of fire. You are lost, forever refuse to the universe, you are the choir master of screams, the conductor of wails, and thy music the harmonies of gnashing teeth.”
Michael raised his voice as awareness came over him. For soon their conversation would come to an end, and it would cease as it was always destined to end. With victory for El. Thus Michael released himself from the hurt of past wounds, to speak to his living apparition of guilt in the person of his brother.
“Those in Christ had a saying about thee my brother. A saying I find fitting to speak to thee now. For you have spoken much in the way of words. Yet thy words are bereft of power. Thus hear the words the clayborn have said of thee and tremble. Let me lift a proverb in thy hearing of those whose victory hath now overcome the world, and let it be as an echo for eternity in thine ears, ‘When the Devil seeks to remind you of your past,’ Michael paused and stared deep into Lucifer’s eyes. “Remind him of his future.’ Therefore let me call heaven and earth against thee and rehearse in thy hearing both past and future. For it was not I who smote the mountain of God. Nor I who sought to strike down the Author of Life, it was not I who put the Lord to death or who sought to make Death a rabid pet to be unleashed upon the world of men. No Lucifer, it was thee!” Michael roared above the cries of the damned as their wails sailed across the sweltering sky.
“And what future do you see before you now Son of Perdition? What future do you see in the eons to come? Tell me Lucifer what glory do you see before you now?”
Lucifer stood silent, and his face was stern, then he opened his mouth to speak.
“SILENCE!!” roared Michael.
Lucifer stood stupefied, unable to speak as if an invisible force constricted his vocal chords.
“Thou art no longer allowed to breathe lies into the New Earth’s air. I forbid it.”
Lucifer struggled to open his mouth as if gagged by an invisible force, and he glared, at his brother.
Michael continued in his berate. “What words can come from thee, but lies and provocation? Thus, let me proclaim thy future oh he that would be king. Behold your chaise that burns with fire. A bed of flames padded by thine evil, engined by the lust of thy compatriots, and fired by the passions of dreams, and purposes counter to God. This is what I see for thee Lucifer — flames, imprisonment, forever to broil in the millenia to come for thy collusions. To swelter in the work of they hands, and grill in the sins of thy making. Behold, now the end of thee and the reaping of what thou hast sown!”
Michael waved his hand rearward, and Lucifer scowled as he looked beyond his brother at the approaching slow march of a dark figure moving towards them. Fire and plumes of smoke trailed him, and the air itself separated into its component parts and screamed in hissing wails of decomposer in the creatures shadow. And Lucifer knew that one being in all of creation had such an effect on the Earth.

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