I realized that some that follow my website don’t necessarily follow me on Facebook and I made a no no and revealed the back jacket blurb for the new novel there without posting it here first.  So here you go!

The Third Heaven: The Apocalypse of Kings
“Except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved.”
The Third Heaven: Apocalypse of Kings is the fourth and final book in the Third Heaven series.
Over a thousand years has passed since Yeshua ascended into Heaven and Lucifer has carefully nurtured man’s development to create the ultimate weapon against God. The Anti-Christ. The culmination of a millennia; Lucifer’s schemes realizes the weaponization of mankind against God and the heavenly host.
A man able to physically battle an angel.
Imbued with the power of the Devil himself the Anti-Christ searches for the rumored God-stone resident in the nation of Israel. A crystal of such power, that once in his possession would allow Lucifer, the Anti-Christ and his armies to march unopposed across the celestial barriers into Heaven itself. A crystal he will stop at nothing to have: even to the destruction of nations, and the risk of provoking God’s wrath.
The abomination’s presence once more ushers planet wide judgement from God. Wrath not seen since the days of Noah. A response that signals the end of God’s season of grace towards the world of men, and invites the ultimate confrontation the universe has ever seen—Christ vs. Anti-Christ.
With the rise of the Anti-Christ, Heaven now witnesses a created being unlike any since Yeshua Himself. Can the host stop this new menace when men can now defy angels?
What could Lucifer possibly gain from provoking the wrath of God and His only begotten Son into direct conflict?
Explore this spectacular look into the book of Revelation and witness anew the end of days, as Micheal, Gabriel, and the angelic host spin towards the universe’s climatic conclusion; answering once and for all the question that since the beginning of creation has fueled the universe and genesised the war that began all wars–who will be God?


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