The Third Heaven-audiobook

House Draco

Sigil: A dragon

House Draco is the first house of angels and are considered to be highborn in the angelic caste.  All Draco are angels of praise, and represent beauty, wisdom, and art.  Lucifer prior to his fall was their represented leader, and the firstborn of all angels.

Each Draco has within him the ability to generate sound, some Draco are specifically limited to areas of sound.  For example some Draco are created to be able to generate all notes within the soprano range, other in the tenor, bass, and alto.  But they can not generate sounds outside the range created.  Lucifer is not so and can create any sound.

All Draco have a shimmering translucent skin that allows them to reflect light and therefore images.  They can project certain wavelengths of the spectrum.  Again each Draco is unique in that they are limited to certain areas of the spectrum.  Lucifer as their leader is not limited and may project any image, and may even disappear from view if he chooses, cloaked in light and invisible to the eye.  Metatron has now succeeded Lucifer as Prince of his people.  Draco when visible to humans are revealed as winged serpents.



Sigil: An owl

House Harrada are considered great sages of wisdom and lore.  They are meticulous in their desire to create order, and excel in the developing of systems management and the written word..  Each member of house Harrada is adept in manipulating the elements.  This includes heat, air, water, and earth,  lovers of writing. They are known to create great literary works.  Jerahmeel represents the embodiment of the Harrada and is able to manipulate the elements.  Prior to the decension God has used him to temper Lucifer’s tendency to arrogance.  Harada are keepers of order within all three realms of creation and exercise control over time and seasons.  Harrada are often at the head or the management of Heavens day to day operations this includes the harvesting of manna for her population and her economy.

Other angels of this house include Zeus and Chronos


Sigil: A Hammer

The Kortai are a race of builders.  Each is muscular and adept in the manipulation of metallurgy and wood working, minerals and gems.  Able to fashion they are the ultimate engineers and constructors of Heaven.  Curious to a fault they have no qualms about entering into new endeavors.  It was the Kortai that volunteered to work against the Maelstrom to expand Heaven.

Kortai have a youthful appearance, and despite their size in comparison to other angles such as the Arelim they are incredibly strong.  The Kortai are the engineers of Heaven and able to bring into creation what ever can be conceived.  Michael the archangel is leader of this house.

Since the war they carry a hammer in one side of their belt and a sword in the other. Ready to either build or fight at a moments notice.  It is assumed that all that left Heaven did so out of outright rebellion, but those Kortai that left went to see something new, thinking that more than what El had shown them existed, and they were moved to build something apart from El’s designs.  Many of the builders have been used to fashion the HellForge, and the deep chasms that run throughout Hell.  Lucifer has silently been turning the Kortai into daemons.


Sigil: Two Eyes, a flame, an inkhorn and stylus

The Grigori are chroniclers:  They see all and record all.  There are those who chronicle on behalf of God and those which chronicle on behalf of Satan. A Grigori is always with God at all times to record.

The watchers want perfection, to correctly document the events of history.  Regardless, of how God is viewed.  They have no other motive than the chronicling itself.  God has “programmed them this way”.

Those who chronicle for Satan desire to show that God was not justified and therefore deserving of being overthrown.  In the end they believe their efforts will vindicate their belief in Satan’s cause. They give commentary and chronicle with bias, and or with an agenda that attempts to besmirch God.  They do not just simply chronicle…they editorialize.

The Grigori were created by God with a desire to compose, they have immunity from harm from the other angels and are able to move freely within both spheres of engagement.  This immunity requires however that they may not interfere with that which they behold. Those who attempt to harm them are themselves harmed the chief Prince is the exception as he is embodied with authority and power over all angels.  Grigori can not be stopped; they can not be interfered with w/o penalty of Abyssian or Tartarus confinement.  They can interact with their own kind.

Grigori are do not possess the common instruments associated with sight and hearing.  They are naturally blind and deaf, yet they can see as well as anyone and can hear equally well.  The only thing they can see is El  They hover and are cloaked in purple hoods.  Their face can not be seen.

Formerly Raphael was the price that oversaw this house.  Killed by the fall of Kilnstones during the civil war.  He has been currently succeeded by Argoth, as the Chief of Eyes, and Sephirioth of his house. A few of the Grigori have been gifted with the “sight”.  The ability to see beyond what is written to that which shall be written.  El has limited this ability thus Grigori are only able to see no more than one generation ahead.  When this ability is used the Grigori go into a trance like state, and attempt to articulate the visions they see.  When El gives a prophecy to a prophet he speaks to the prophet and allows the Grigori which shadows him to see ahead in time.

Angels from this house include Iblis


Sigil: A bull’s face

Arelim are strong angels who have the faces of bulls, and cloven feet.  They can be extremely aggressive in that they enjoy forms of competition.  Highly driven by order and authority yet seeking to always be first in every endeavor. They are constantly using their great powers to move planets and power suns. Able to manipulate the forces of gravity El has used them to fling planets and keep orbits.  Headed by Talus, many of those that left to follow Lucifer was of this house.  Proud and strong they comprise over half of Lucifer’s force, making his numbers though smaller than Heaven equally formidable in power, for in his ranks reside some of the most powerful of angels.

Other angels from this house include Appolyon aka Abbaddon, Marduk, and Sasheal


Sigil: A butterfly

Issi  are lovers of beauty and their gifts allow one to touch anything and with that touch manipulate its color.  They are also of creatures of light.  Typically soft spoken they are humanoid yet prefer to be in touch with creation and typically morph into creatures such as Pegasi, unicorns, and even satyrs.  Able to mimic all life they like the Harrada and Draco contribute to the culture of Heaven through their paintings, and works of art.  Gifted in tailoring and the beautification of ones physical form, their beauty is such that even Lucifer takes notice.  Issisi when in their humanoid form possess wings similar to butterflies.  Sariel was the former price but sacrificed himself to expose vulnerability of Abaddon and was killed.  Azaziel now stands as Prince of his people.  They also excel in all levels of herbalism, and have now become healers as a result of the war. Issi can summon great celestial forces and target their enemies when in battle.

Other angles from this house include Ashtartoh



Sigil: Winged Feet

The angelic order of house Malakim, are the messengers of God.  If the Grigori are the eyes, the Malakim are its nerves.  They are constantly moving to and fro through out the realm delivering messages from various groups and ministers to one another.  Like the Grigori in their numbers they are similar in they keep Heaven’s communication lines open.  The Malakim ride steads called gryphons.  Each angel has a stead that is given them when they are birthed from the Kiln.  A stead that is actually obtained when they acquire their first assignment from their Prince.  Only the chief Prince, the Grigori, and the house are aware of the celestial home of the Gryphons.  Able to move at incredible speeds they are the fastest of all angelic kind.  Gabriel who is their leader is the fastest and wisest.  It is rumored that his speed rivals that of the Ophanim.  This has yet to be tested.  All Malakim have wings on their feet and not on their shoulders as others of their kind.  Malakim actually run but their speed is so fast they appear to actually fly.  Malakim can also manipulate Lightning.

I hope you enjoyed this background on the world of the Third Heaven.  Don’t forge the sequel will be out soon.  Pick up your copy today!


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