The Birth of God-audiobook


In my latest novel the Birth of God.  I continue the series of angels at war.  In the second book, Yeshua the second person of the Godhead leaves Heaven to commit to man’s salvation by living inside a virgin.

In this epic battle scene, Yeshua is surrounded by the angelic forces of Heaven and heralded by the Holy Spirit Himself, as they descend to Earth. Of course, the Hordes of Hell are mustered and rise to do battle to prevent this.

Micheal Chief Prince of angles, on their descent to Earth, sings a song of battle as he and his forces fly to bring Yeshua safely to Mary.  I have attached the MP3 of how this song goes in my head.  While I love my narrator, there are some things that don’t translate well.

In my own voice, I present the Battle Song of Micheal, Chief Prince of Angels.


“My shield, my shield, the Lord God is my shield.

He comes; He comes, with Shiloh in His wake.

Hosanna!  Hosanna!

All praise the king of kings!

Hosanna!  Hosanna!

He flies on angel wings!

El comes, He comes, He comes and sheds His light

He comes, He comes, in power and in might!

Our God imposes terror against His enemies!

Swift shall be the fallen, terror as they flee.

We come; we come, for Lord and country’s sake.

He comes; He comes, with Shiloh in His wake!”


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