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Every Indie writer worth their salt knows that Bookbub is the 800 pound gorilla when it comes to book promotion. It’s easy to think that there are not other options out there. But there are other upstarts that actually can help get you sells.

Today I want to spotlight The Fussy Librarian.

The Fussy Librarian is not large in comparison to Bookbub. What they have going in their favor is that their growing, and that they provide very inexpensive advertisement, and for the niche writer perhaps a great way to get discovered.

Like Bookbub they have an email list that they promote to. 14k per the claim of their 6/29/14 newsletter.

Their book submission requirements are as follows.

“Book submissions
The Fussy Librarian sends 13,800 subscribers a daily email, which is where your ebook will be featured once. We hope you will subscribe and support your fellow authors. Your book will be included in our searchable database for 30 days as part of your fee.

In order to be considered, your ebook should have:

10 reviews and a 4.0 rating on Amazon or 10 reviews and a 4.0 rating on Barnes and Noble, 11 to 19 reviews and a 4.0 rating, or 20 reviews and a 3.5 rating. If you have 10 reviews split between Amazon’s various stores — like US and UK — your book is eligible. (There is one exception for new releases — see below.)
A price of $5.99 or less. We encourage you to sell at $2.99 or less — those titles sell better.
A quality cover.

It’s the pricing that one can’t beat. Check this out.
“$6: Mysteries, thriller, sci fi, women’s fiction, young adult, romance contemporary, romance historical, fantasy-epic, fantasy-urban, romance paranormal, romance suspense, literary fiction, biography/memoir, Historical fiction, humor, General fantasy, suspense, Mysteries-British detectives, Mysteries-police procedurals, Action and adventure/military.

$3: Horror, romance comedy, romance erotic, mystery-female sleuth, mystery-cozy (no profanity, little violence, no sex), Religious fiction, African-American/multicultural, gay/lesbian, children’s books, romance western, all nonfiction other than biography/memoir.”

Go check them out. If your looking for an inexpensive means to price push your work to someones email list. This is a great way to do it. I’ve used them twice now, in conjunction with several other promotions and I’ve been happy with the results.

Go here if your interested in using them.

I take visa, bitcoin, paypal, and mastercard. 🙂


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