Wow so much has happened since I last chatted with you! I am happy to announce that the audio book of the Third Heaven: The Birth of God is done! The book will be available on Audible, Amazon and Itunes! And should be available later this week! Angelo Di Loreto once again has given a great performance and it’s great to have him him back!

But wait there’s more.  I’ve finally completed my non-fiction book!

If you are even considering publishing I want to give you the knowledge and experience I’ve gained and learned so that you can successfully bring your book to market and achieve your publishing goals.  If you know anyone who has ever expressed a desire to write a book, give them this first!  The books is available now for pre-release with a July 11th arrival!

Lastly, I solicit your prayers.  Pray that God will grant favor to my efforts.  I am making a proposal shortly to some educators who are interested in my teaching a class about indie-publishing.  This would be an exciting opportunity to help develop new authors, and increase my platform even more and provide an additional revenue stream. I’ll report next month on what happened.

Also I thank God for allowing me the opportunity to take a mini-vacation to Mackinaw Island, MI.  I had the great opportunity to visit the USCG Cutter Makinaw a retired Ice Breaker, and of course the Mighty Mac, the 5 mile long bridge that divides Lake Michigan from Lake Huron and that connects Michigan’s two peninsulas.  It was nice to get away and collect my thoughts and relax.  Here’s a couple of pictures from that trip.  And I acquired some great ideas for the next book as my mind was able to unwind.  In addition, I enjoyed time at the Motor City Comicon!


So in celebration for all of the great news…I’ve put The Third Heaven: The Rise of Fallen Stars on sale for .99 cents this week!  So I’ve know someone who you think would enjoy this work spread the word!  

Until next time!

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