Those that read my blog know that I believe in authorprenuership and as an author I want to help new writers bypass some of the mistakes and mimic what little success I have been able to garner.  As a result I’m always on the look out for great information to help fellow writers take the plunge into authorprenuership.

I found this helpful info graphic while looking for book marketing information and I found it an insightful way to frame a book marketing strategy.

In this wonderful visual diagram I think one can essentially grasp what it takes (aside from writing a good book) to drive sales.

My big takeaway is that as an author one should attempt to occupy or participate in as many spheres on the diagram as possible in order to drive the largest center sphere–sales.  What’s interesting to me is that reviews and email marketing are the biggest drivers to sales in the graphic.  An illustration I would have to agree with.  Here are the circles laid out in a numerical order

  1. Book Reviews: Do you have reputable “social proof” (which is what a review is) of the quality of your work?
  2. Publicists: Do you have an advocate helping to extend discovery on your behalf?
  3. Cover Design: Do you have a stand out cover?
  4. Sales: To what degree are you in multiple distribution channels.  How can you increase this?
  5. Events: Do you attend any?  Are you networking with other authors and persons in the industry?
  6. Communities: Are you engaging with the reading community?
  7. Social: Are you engaging in social media?
  8. Email: Are you using paid email advertisement to assist with discovery and to help drive sales?

Lastly, paper books are still king, and people still enjoy holding a book in their hands. (the best authors occupy as many of the formats as well.)

The Book Marketing Landscape Infographic - An Infographic from Best Thriller Books and Thriller Book Reviews

Embedded from Best Thriller Books and Thriller Book Reviews

Looking at the 8 elements of a successful marketing strategy you can ultimately ask yourself what do you need to do to increase your presence in each circle.  Once you ask those questions, take small actionable steps to move you in that direction and your on your way.

I can see that I occupy six of the eight circles so far with no presence at all in two. (Events and Publicist)  I plan to change that this year.  Hoping to attend my first “event”.

What about you?  How many of the spheres do you occupy?  What sphere do you need to increase your influence?

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