Happy October!
God bless you and I hope this newsletter finds everyone well.  I wanted to let you know that the writing of book four has started!  As they say the journey of the thousand miles begins with one step!
I placed a timer on my website that shows when book 4 is expected to be released, but expect it sometime around late spring 2017.Now with other news!  I finally was able to get things worked out with the narrator for the next audiobook so we’ve settled on pricing and such.  Unfortunately he won’t be able to start until after Thanksgiving, so I expect it to be available on Audible just in time for Christmas!  As always I’ll make an announcement when it is available.In the meantime I wasn’t able to get the sound levels the way I wanted in a self-narrated version.  So instead of giving you an inferior product I have elected to wait.
Producing an professionally done audiobook is a costly endeavor.  I’ve been blessed to be surrounded by a team that can create a good product.  But again they do cost.  I want to personally thank Heather and James who have sowed financially to see the audible project come to completion.  It would have taken much longer without their financial support.After getting feedback from several people and after such support.  I’ve started a Patreon page where those of you who might be inclined can help in bringing these works of fiction and others to light.
The link is here.
There at Patreon you can directly support my endeavors.
What endeavors you ask?
Glad you asked that question!Currently I am in discussion with someone who has connections with Hollywood.  Yep you heard that right—Hollywood.  We are in the preliminary discussions of developing a proof of concept for a video game, and yes even a movie of the novels to pitch.  So keep that endeavor in prayersI am also working to bring the books into the nations library systems, and library eBook systems.
These endeavors take time and money.  They are of course a labor of love.  And if you want to contribute financially please feel free to support those efforts.  Every bit helps.On a personal note, I’ve been asked to tell something about myself.  Right now I am the Executive Director of the Hospitality House Food Pantry in Commerce, Twp, MI.  As the director I have the responsibility of feeding aprox 500 families each month and give out over 30,000 lbs of food monthly.  (So yep my real day job is that I feed people for a living.)I’ve spent my entire adult life helping others who are disempowered, and need assistance, and while I do enjoy my work.  There are financial sacrifices that sometimes comes with helping the poor. Sacrifices that delays what I can produce on the publishing side. Sacrifices that require me to put financial issues concerning the books to the rear.  Perhaps one day that might change, but in the meantime, I appreciate people like Heather and James whose substantial gift will go directly to getting the audiobook made.   Thus the reason I created the page to allow other fans who want so see more content and stories like this.

A big thank you to those that prayed for my mom who had two strokes this past July.  I’ve had to step up to take care of her which has bitten into my writing but I thank God for your words and prayers.  I’m still asking for prayer as there are elder care issues that she used to take care of that I might have to shoulder.  So again I solicit your prayers for grace.

To those that ask what’s next after the series is done— I have several story ideas that will become either standalone books and or series.  They cover the following genres

  1. Fantasy (I got a dozy of a story I want to tell)
  2. Sc-fi (I’ve got 2-3 space stories itching to get out)
  3. Horror. (Yep there is a Christian horror story that I have, hint there is a scene in Realm of the Dead where you got a teeny tiny taste.  😉 )
So for those wondering what happens after the Third Heaven, there are plenty of other places to visit.  Which doesn’t even include the possible short stories from the series itself.
I am pretty sure the next story will be a fantasy adventure novel again, as its been sitting in the writing oven now since 2012 and is begging to get out.Alright I think that about covers things for now!  Until next month!Donovan
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