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I am happy to announce the cover reveal to the sequel to my Amazon best selling novel the Third Heaven: The Rise of Fallen Stars is done.

Ladies and gentlemen, the Third Heaven: The Birth of God!

This book has been in the making since last year and is even up on Amazon for pre-order as it goes through its final editing.

So readers have wondered where are we going next in the story?  Here is the back cover matter and what I hope wets the appetite!

“What would you do for love?

Heaven stands decimated by war.  Lucifer’s exile places mankind at the center of the mad angel’s plot to overthrow God.  Meanwhile, Michael must now take on a mantle of leadership that he did not seek and is tested to see if he is worthy of the title of Chief Prince.  Yet a conflict eats at him as he wrestles with his sworn duty to Heaven and his obedience to God; torn over a vision of a future revealed by the Creator himself–a future that shows the death of God.

Will Michael succumb to a darker path that once more would plunge Heaven into civil war or will he trust and yield to the revealed will of God?

For in order to save humanity and heal the rift to his kingdom, God will make the ultimate sacrifice on behalf of his beloved creation, answering for all time the most powerful questions driving the universe—whom will you serve and whom do you love?”

Focused on the choices that all must make in serving God I think readers will find themselves in various characters in the book.  Christians will see how the scriptures were used to add depth to the story, as the events of the story unfolds in parallel with our beloved stories in the Bible.

Readers will continue to be blown away by the world building that is the Kingdom of Heaven in the book, and still get that sense as if they are reading a companion to the Bible.

After much prayer I’m thinking that the series will be reduced from five books to four.  As I’m getting itchy to begin a standalone young adult novel.

As a way of sweetening the pot the first three new subscribers are going to get a copy of the audio book from the first novel for free!  Yep a $24.99 dollar value!  I’m excited can you tell!

I will post the prologue here on the website soon, but only subscribers get more in depth information (like chapter one) so jump aboard and become a subscriber!


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