I’ve Finished my Novel: Now what?

I've finished my novel now what


“Writing and book without wanting to market it is like having a child without wanting to raise it.”

After 12 years and writing three books, I introduce my fourth designed to help authors navigate the rough waters of publishing.  It’s a quick “how to tool” designed to help writers like yourself evaluate your publishing business.  Using what I call “Author Resource Circles” I explain exactly what each circle it, its importance and how to maximize the tactics in each one.

When I decided to write this book it was as the result of having spent large amounts of time, energy, and money to get my first novel out.  I learned so much, experienced so much.  Made so many mistakes that I simply didn’t feel it was necessary for other writers who had not yet published their books to go through the unnecessary learning curve that I did.  Thus the reason for this book.

Secondly, I found in my personal experience that there was a lot of information about how to write.  Information about to put together a good plot, great dialogue, how to do fight scenes.  But what do you do after you’ve finished writing that first draft?  This book is primarily for those who have done that or are at least have of a work in progress and want to know what to do afterward.

Thirdly, I’ve had so many associates and friends who have published using certain methods that I’ve seen firsthand and heard the horror stories, as they’ve watched their works languish in the void of obscurity.  This ought not be.

This book is from a fellow author who is not so far removed from you as a writer.  I’m where you can be within a couple of months or a year.  I’m not the million dollar seller but I am moving closer to an enviable position in making a living with my writing.  For me it’s not about will I make a living with my writing but when.  I’m the author who started out probably just like you, and have learned enough to intelligently write about things so that you too can at least successfully launch and begin your journey.  I’m the touchable author who is still learning and is going to give a simple direct answer to your questions.

I’ve literary talked with dozens of persons that have aspirations to write a book.  I always tell them to go for it.  I believe that there is a market for who we are.  That there are people who need exactly the gift and talent that is resident within you, and that we are the answer to someone’s prayers.  To cooperate with God in helping to bring their vision to pass.

Having said that, there is also some great works out there that I must highly recommend as required reading for the budding Authorpreneur, and I’d like to think of my book like an authorprenuers Elements of Style, yet I would be remiss not to mention the various other books that delve deeper in some of the subjects I am going to discuss. Thus I’ve included a listing of recommended readings that I consider must reads for authors. With that in mind I’ve tried to create a simple book that will allow you to quickly jump right in without all the fluff.

Overall my hope is that this work will help clear away some of the publishing fog of war some authors have, especially about the subject of marketing.

The book is slightly over 100 pages of direct strategies and tactics to get your sells moving. You will learn how to do the following.

Evaluate your publishing business

How to evaluate your product which is your book.

How to determine who your book is marketed towards.

What are the traditional and non-traditional areas of publishing?

How to promote and advertise your book

How to develop and or strengthen your existing platform.

Where to advertise your book based on your budget.

How to create a mailing list from scratch.

Over 200 curated links covering everything from writing, to how to advertise your book.

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