In my journey to become a successful authorprenuer there are various readings that I have come upon that are simply staples.  Books that need to be in an authors reference library because they are that impactful.  Platform by Michael Hyatt is one of those books.

In Platform, Mr. Hyatt does a good job of explaining why you need a platform and what it can do for you.  More importantly he walks you through various steps to develop your own.

Everything from how to start a blog, to creating content, protecting your intellectual property is all in there.

One of my favorite points is when he talks about what a good social media strategy consists of. A home base, embassies, and outposts.  He considers “digital property you own” as your home base.  This could be something as a blog a website, or some type of self-hosted community.

An embassy is a place you don’t own but have a presence.  This is something like Facebook, Twitter, etc.  They own the media, you and others just congregate there.   Often the hosts rules will change, and you have to adapt accordingly.

Lastly, are outposts.  Places you don’t own, not have a regular presence, but you listen in to the conversation, monitor mentions of your name and or products.  Google alerts helps set up outposts, Tweetdeck also listens in for mentions for example of you on Twitter.

His book is a wealth of information and as the former head and CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishers he has the authority and the credibility to really walk you through how to develop your platform.  If I had to give a drawback.  Some of Mr. Hyatt’s strategies presume a financial outlay.  An outlay that if you are struggling may not be able to immediately afford.  But aside from this, it shows you what the best of the best use to make and establish their platforms, and if nothing else provides an excellent standard that all persons needing guidance in this area should strive for.

Highly recommended.  5 stars!



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