I want to thank you all for making The Third Heaven series one of the best selling works of Christian Fiction on Amazon.

I also couldn’t wait to show you the new cover to the next and final installment of the series.  Once again my graphic designer Roger Despi has hit it out of the park.  It’s a wonderful thing when you have a great team to help you bring quality content.

I know you’re wondering where is Realm of the Dead on Audio?  It’s coming.  I actually had all the files loaded into Audible and we have to remaster them all as the volume was a tad too loud.  So I’ll send an update about that too.  But it IS coming on audio.  You guys all have been incredibly patient and I thank you so much.

Lastly, I’m only days away from my wedding! My fiance has been wonderful in supporting me all these years and she knows once we come back from our honeymoon in July the writing will commence again!

Until next time!


Would you pray for me?

Expect the final book to be released later this year or early next.  It just depends on how the story and writing and editing goes. But in the meantime please pray for the following:

  • A successful marriage ceremony and honeymoon!
  • Clarity on the story and the anointing to finish the last book in this series.
  • Resources to bring the last book to audio.
  • Pray for guidance on how to utilize my time to the fullest with the many personal challenges I’m now facing

God bless you all so much and I look forward to touching base with you about the Release of Realm of the Dead on audio soon!

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