An excerpt for those patiently waiting. 🙂
“Each room in the house of God, each chamber, apartment, and walkway was meticulously prepared for a day when all God’s children would be together. Micheal chuckled to himself as he reminisced over his past wonderment over why El always created on the scale that He did: wondered why He would created a whole world for just two people.
Micheal smiled as he thought to himself on the day he had asked the Father this query and the Lords ever patient and educating reply.
“My son, my thoughts are not your thought. Nor my ways your ways.” The Lord God then presented his open hand for view, and within He held a seed and showed it to his son.
“What do you see?”
Micheal paused, “ A seedling my king.”
El shook his head. “Nay my son,” replied El. “This is a great forest.”
El again then presented his other hand and opened it and within was a small stone and the Lord spoke, “Tell me my child, most beloved of angels. What do you see?”
Micheal looked upon it and replied, “It is but a pebble my king.”
El again shook his head in the negative, “Nay my child, this is a great mountain, teeming with peaks that reach to the uttermost sky.”
The Lord then blowed upon Micheal and when he did, a droplet of water fell upon Micheal’s cheek and the angel wiped the small tear of water from his face and a single droplet then beaded upon his index finger.
The Lord then spoke once more. “Tell me Micheal of the Kortai. What is this that now sits on but the tip of thy finger?” Micheal having now been asked by the Lord a third time perceived that his initial response was incorrect and eyed the droplet of water that rested on his finger. And seeking not to disappoint the Father; spoke hesitantly to answer his king. “An ocean my Lord?”
El smiled in approval and eyed his most beloved of angels. “Do you understand now my son?” said El.
Perception came over the Chief prince and Micheal nodded and realized that when God thought of water: His mind saw oceans. And when Micheal saw but two humans. El saw a people vast as the stars in the sky.
It was a lesson he would always remember. For if in the mind of God, a seedling was a forest. What then must a forest itself be in the mind of God!”
The Third Heaven: Apocalypse of Kings. (unedited draft)

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