I had the chance to take in the new Exodus movie last week, and to say I was disappointed was an understatement. While the cinematography was epic in scope and scale.  The acting was wooden by virtually all parties.   Viewers should expect to see much departure from the Biblical text in terms of how the story is depicted.

The plagues are rationalized as being natural phenomena and not clear miracles.  Although God is depicted in the movie it leaves the viewer questioning if Moses is delusional, and are we simply watching what is in essence his acting on his delusions.

God is depicted in this movie as a petulant vindictive child.  And interesting swipe/choice to show an audience what the God of the Old Testament is like if you asked me.  As a creative artist myself I have to wonder if this is how the director see’s God himself, and are we just privy to see his innermost thoughts captured on the screen?  Thought’s I think that are summarized in advice that the character Moses gives his son.

There is a feeling it is too long, which is amazing considering that Cecil B. DeMille’s 10 Commandments is I believe 72 minutes longer.

There is much in the media about Ridley Scott’s use of white actors to portray middle easterners.  It’s amazing on some level the level of historical realism used to craft this story and the jettisoning of such realism regarding the central cast itself.

This movie struggles to determine what it wants to be, and as such falls very flat.  Instead of taking the biblical story and simply bringing it to the big screen; once again we have a “re-imagining” which strips both the power from the original tale and this movie in particular for audiences of faith.

It’s apparent to me that this movie was NOT made to satisfy members of the faith community who would amply reward a simple telling of the Biblical narrative using today’s technology.  But instead is an attempt to give a mild condescending nod to a religious audience.  He didn’t make it for you and I.

I have enjoyed and I am sure will continue to enjoy many of the movies of Mr. Scott. He is a phenomenal director.

However, in the end Mr. Scott a professed atheist, stated “I’ve got to convince myself the story works.”  It would seem he is still not convinced, and this latest movie shows it.

  1. The Bible does not say how Moses found out about his nationality.
  2. Moses was not exiled.  He was a fugitive fleeing for murdering an Egyptian.
  3. Moses was not concussed and had a vision as depicted in the movie.  He saw something abnormal and out of curiosity went to investigate it. (i.e. the burning bush) also he was commanded to take off his shoes.  Something he could not have done if he was immobilized as depicted in the movie.
  4. No human figure was shown to Moses.  He only heard a voice, and saw a bush which did not burn.
  5. Moses was given 3 signs to show the people because he knew they would not believe him.
  6. Moses did not want to speak on behalf of God and God gave him his brother to speak on his behalf.
  7. Moses and Aaron spoke with Pharaoh.  Not just Moses
  8. Aaron rod was smitten against the Nile and it turned to blood in his sight and pharaohs servants who were with him. Note this plague lasted 1 week.
  9. The magicians of Egypt were able to duplicate the event, So Pharaoh was not convinced.
  10. Aaron smote the river and frogs came up, the magicians again were able to duplicate the event.
  11. The frogs were removed only after Pharaoh asked Moses to remove them.
  12. Aaron’s rode smote the dust and it turned into lice.  The magicians were NOT able to dublicate this.
  13. The boils were the result of Moses taking ashes from a furnace and sprinkling them into the air.  The magicians could not duplicate this event
  14. Both man and beast that were exposed to the hail died. But hail did not fall in the land of Goshen where the Hebrew people dwelled.
  15. The plague of darkness was limited to Egypt. Goshen remained in light.
  16. After the plague of death of the firstborn, Pharaoh asked Moses to bless him v. 32
  17. God directed where the people were to go. ” And the LORD went before them by day in a pillar of a cloud, to lead them the way; and by night in a pillar of fire, to give them light; to go by day and night: 22 He took not away the pillar of the cloud by day, nor the pillar of fire by night, from before the people. “
  18. The same pillar of a cloud was placed behind the Israelites to prevent the Egyptians from coming near them.
  19. God originally wrote the first set of commandments but after the people sinned. Moses broke them and he rewrote them.

Note that the complete version of the story can be found in the biblical book of Exodus


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