Review of the The Heaven: The Rise of Fallen Stars

I thoroughly enjoyed the author’s take on the fall of Lucifer and how that came to be. The reasoning behind how Satan thought he could get away with supplanting God on His throne and taking His place was an example of creative writing at its finest. The action and war scenes were masterfully and emotionally penned. The story flows wonderfully and his prose is remarkable. The descriptive passages seem to lift from the pages into your imagination. Descriptions of angel’s personalities make them all the more real. Neal’s handling of the story in my opinion was quite plausible..

Herb Fogler


It was like a box of the best chocolate and had no calories! I ate till I was done! Honestly, I’m now on the edge of my seat
waiting for the next one. I’m so in love with Jesus, and reading your take on His triumph over Satan
in hell has me loving Him even more, if that’s possible.

Karen Dobrowski

Beta Reader for Realm of the Dead

This review is from: The Third Heaven: The Birth of God (Kindle Edition)
This book was even better than the first, and had me sucked in from the very first chapter! The characters of angels were believable, intriguing, and sympathetic. I loved how throughout the book the author was able to follow much of the old testament, but still make it a wonderful, stand alone story. I also like the author’s to the point, yet fun style of writing that made the book highly readable. I’d recommend this book to anyone Christian or non-christian. This is the best book I’ve read in years.


Review of the Realm of the Dead

This whole series …… Is AWESOME!!!! I can’t imagine that there isn’t divine inspiration in it… What an exciting thrill ride and all very biblically sound. Great job and great book. I can’t wait for the next one

Aj Reyes


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